Crisis Communications

When a high profile crisis hits, the future operations of a business, the survival of venerable institutions, and the careers and reputations of leading individuals can all be on the line. Whether sparked by litigation, government investigations, financial issues, scandals involving senior executives, environmental hazards, regulatory or political scrutiny, or a range of other issues, an organization’s communications strategy can play an important role in the outcome of the breaking crisis - enabling it to disseminate key messages and support its operations during the crisis and beyond.

Our approach to each situation melds our experience in legal and business issues, media relations, targeted and internal communications, politics and community relations, and our extensive track record as strategists for companies and organizations in myriad industries.

The firm’s top professionals have worked with a wide range of clients in crisis situations, including public and private companies, national associations, prominent not-for-profit organizations, high-profile individuals, healthcare institutions, law firms and property owners, among many others.

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