Marketing Support

Our public relations programs enhance and support a client’s overall marketing effort in several ways. First, the insights and perspective we bring to the table in creating messages and themes for the media support, and often inform, the broader marketing program. Also, the publicity we generate delivers credibility that strengthens a marketing campaign. We have been extremely successful in using publicity to help market a wide variety of businesses, services, products, individuals and concepts. In addition, whether it’s a brochure, a direct mail piece or a sales kit, we assist clients in developing content for creative collateral materials that attract attention, drive home messages and support business goals.

We also help clients market the publicity we generate – magnifying its impact by creatively extending its life and reach. We have developed a variety of creative tactics and strategies that multiply the original audience that sees or reads a publicity placement. We excel at marketing ideas – developing compelling ways of projecting complex issues and shaping public opinion or "selling" a point of view to key audiences.