Corporate and Financial

Whether for a Fortune 500 global corporation or an enterprising “small-cap” business, our public relations strategies seek to define, elevate and clearly communicate a company’s value to stakeholders. We have established an outstanding reputation for producing fresh ideas and powerful communications campaigns that help clients tell their stories, shape perceptions and advance their specific business objectives. Whether the mission is business development, magnifying interest among investors and analysts, increasing employee morale, fostering future growth or navigating special situations, we develop and implement communications programs that move clients forward in meaningful ways.

The firm’s senior executives have a sophisticated understanding of business and finance, and have orchestrated highly successful communications programs for scores of major public and private companies in a variety of industry sectors. While we regularly handle media relations in connection with earnings reports – when all eyes are focused on the company – our approach also seeks to maximize opportunities between the quarterly announcements. These periods are the time to position the company to make the most of positive financial news, and to mitigate potential fallout from less favorable reports. We excel in this role. In addition, our extensive work with law firms has given us a clear understanding of corporate governance issues, enabling us to advise clients on the PR implications and communications options in various scenarios.