Publicity/Media Relations

Our approach to media relations and publicity yields clients high-profile placements on a consistent basis – the type of coverage that provides visibility, establishes credibility, enhances stature and helps to achieve overall business goals. The strong relationships we maintain with reporters and editors at top newspapers, magazines and wire services, and producers and assignment editors at radio and television stations, also allow us to function as sources of information and story ideas for the media. The credibility we have provides us with the access we need to place stories – locally, nationally and internationally – and to stay abreast of what stories various reporters are preparing. It also gives us the opportunity to introduce clients and to develop positive impressions among the media about their businesses and activities.

Even more important, we understand the strategic importance of reaching beyond the goal of publicity for publicity’s sake alone. We regularly generate meaningful results that move a client’s agenda forward. Effective public relations campaigns require a proactive, creative approach, seamlessly integrated with the organization’s business strategy. In addition, when organizations are on the receiving end of media inquiries and attention – whether desired or unwelcome – we bring skill, judgment and experience to the process. We are usually able to improve the outcome and achieve better results by handling those calls and helping to manage those situations.