Social Media

Reputations can be enhanced or undermined, confidence in brands can be elevated or eroded, by information posted by customers, employees, supporters, critics, stakeholders or casual observers - with or without your knowledge - in the rapidly changing online media environment.

We utilize new and traditional communication and collaboration tools to develop an understanding of our clients' positions in the digital world -including blogs and online publications - and to craft messages that resonate with and influence key audiences. In recent years, new media engagement has shifted from a top-down approach to an open-dialogue model. Perceptions are controlled and transformed by influencers who appeal to niche audiences.

The growing adoption of social media tools in our culture's everyday activities often necessitates an ongoing conversation between an organization and its community that will maintain and nurture these relationships. We work with clients to navigate the dynamic social media space, helping companies engage relevant bloggers and influencers, as well as more traditional online media outlets. We work across platforms to manage perceptions proactively and effectively.