Reach What’s Next

The LAKPR Group is a dynamic team of difference-makers who partner with clients to develop and execute highly effective communications strategies that build awareness and trust, protect reputations, instill confidence and help achieve essential goals during crucial transitions and high-stakes inflection points.

We Are Difference Makers

Our strategic communications campaigns are highly proactive in nature and designed to yield meaningful results, serving as a strategic lever to support clients’ bottom-line business goals. We’ve developed a particular niche working with organizations facing critical inflection points – whether embarking on a new strategic plan, contemplating a major event or transaction, navigating a crucial transition, introducing new offerings, or entering a period of significant growth or transformation.



The LAKPR Group excels at supporting organizations as they seek to advance their agendas during high-stakes periods of evolution and transformation - executing a new strategic plan, embarking on a major growth phase, or moving to improve cultural underpinnings in ways that inspire engagement and support values-driven working environments.


When a high-profile crisis hits, the future operations of a business, the survival of venerable institutions, and the careers and reputations of leaders and prominent figures can all be on the line.


The LAKPR Group is in the business of good stories, well told, in ways that matter, to people who matter to our clients. This mindset has proven highly effective, especially as the lines between earned and owned content, and traditional and non-traditional channels, increasingly blur.

Senior Team

Our clients benefit from the active involvement of veteran communications executives who act as partners in developing and implementing successful plans.

Hannah Arnold
President & CEO
Lisa Linden
Media Strategist
Marie Espinel
Executive Vice President
Sharon Horowitz
Executive Vice President
Carrie Dillon
Executive Vice President
David Simpson
Senior Vice President
Laura Bentz
Senior Vice President of Client Engagement

Reach What’s Next.

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